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  • For every person who lives in a peaceful and modern society, it is difficult to imagine life without a network. Unlike the recovery of the saved WiFi password, it is much more difficult to find the password for a new WiFi. As a result, WiFi hacking applications for PCs are urgently needed when there is a problem with your own network, such as connectivity problems or a poor network transmitted by the service provider. In this tutorial, you will learn the best WiFi PC hackers.

    The need to hack WiFi on the PC.

    Life becomes miserable when one discovers that WiFi does not work. Although the PC shows other secure WiFi networks, they are often password protected. In fact, it is annoying when there is an urgent task to finish. That's why people need to hack the WiFi password.


    However, despite the legitimacy, it is also not safe to hack random Wi-Fi networks. If you decide to try the following WiFi hackers, be careful and at your own risk. In case of accidents that cause the loss of files on your computer, remember to use a file recovery software to recover the data as soon as possible.


    1. AirCrack: the best WiFi Hacker for PC that runs on all operating systems

    AirCrack is an old WiFi hacking software. This WiFi hacking software is programmed in "C" language and can be used to monitor, decrypt or attack other Wi-Fi networks after capturing data packets. One can get an online tutorial of the company and learn the tricks more efficiently.
    Once the packet data is captured, it retrieves the passwords of WiFi networks and connects your PC to them. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. With this WiFi hacker software, it is easy to enter WiFi networks.


    2. WireShark - The best WiFi Hacker for PC for advanced users

    For any commercial organization or individual that is smelling something that is going wrong with the WiFi network, then it is time to verify it without delay before the hackers get a lot of critical information. Here is a useful tool for expert users who know what is going on through the complicated data.

    WireShark allows users to analyze the protocol and take corrective action. This software not only serves to hack, but also to protect your WiFi network. You can capture the activities that go behind the scenes and analyze them before taking security measures. Check data at the micro level on Windows and Linux computers.


    3. Fern WiFi Cracker - Best WiFi Hacker for Linux.

    Fern WiFi Cracker is a wireless security attack and audit software. It works efficiently to analyze the WiFi network and decrypt the WEP / WPA / WPS keys. The program also runs other network-based attacks on wireless or Ethernet-based networks. It's better for the Linux computer.


    More features:


    1. WEP Cracking with fragmentation, Chop-Chop, Caffe-Latte, Hirte, Repeat ARP request or WPS attack
    2. WPA / WPA2 Cracking with dictionary-based attacks or WPS
    3. Automatic saving of the key in the database in the successful crack
    4. Automatic attack system to the access point
    5. Session hijacking (Passive and Ethernet modes)
    6. Access point MAC address Geo location tracking
    7. MITM internal engine
    8. Brute force attacks (HTTP, HTTPS, TELNET, FTP)